About Joanne

I was born in Melbourne, Australia and a dual citizen of Australia and the USA. I currently live between Los Angeles and Maui.

As a Generation X-er,  movies were a huge part of my life growing up in the 80’s. Saturday night was family movie night as we gathered in front of the TV to watch our latest VHS rental, usually a horror or comedy. During school holidays I loved to see movies on the big screen.

I’ve always been a creative person since as young as I can remember. Outside school hours, I loved to read and draw which inspired me to write short stories. I got my sense of humor from my dad who had a wild imagination and would see the funny side in almost anything.

Never one to follow the crowd, I rejected the traditional path and left high school at the age of 15 and then headed to LA by 19. I’ve also been a dedicated vegan since 1994 because of my love for animals.

Before I began my path as a screenwriter, I dabbled in modeling and studied acting at The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in LA. It was after joining a theatre company in West Hollywood, that I discovered my true calling as a writer. This is where I wrote my very first comedy sketch, which I later developed into a comedy web series. It became a multi award-winning series and guest-starred Oscar-nominated actor, Eric Roberts.

With a successful web series behind me, I was eager to move on to bigger things and studied screenwriting for Film and TV and formed my own film production company, Sweetest Pit Bull Productions.

I’m inspired by many things when it comes to writing, especially real-life scenarios. The 80’s and 90’s definitely had the biggest influence on me and my style of writing. 

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