Screenwriter & Producer

Looking for female-driven scripts with marketable concepts that actually sell? 

Heya, I’m Joanne Rose! I write original scripts for Gen X women, by focusing on the comedy, horror and thriller genres. My scripts are suitable for iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Netflix and Hulu. 

What would you do if a screenwriter handed you a killer script right this second? Think back to a time when you made a pass on a script that became a blockbuster success and regretted it every single day. Wouldn’t it make you feel like a rockstar to produce the next high-concept script with an all-female cast?

I love to inspire and empower women to rise above adversity.

I’ll be your personal story ideas-machine, so that you’ll never have to wonder who to contact when it comes to scripts for women over 40. My storylines are hilarious, scary and thrilling. Let’s face it. Movies change people’s lives.

Just The Facts 

  • Optioned my Christmas comedy script to a company in Canada who offered me a second deal for my romantic-comedy
  • Acquired a shopping agreement to two music biographies for screen adaptation
  • Three of my screenplays are among the top projects on Coverfly’s industry database
  • Life of Groupies is currently in pre-production

Joanne Rose is the hardest working comedian/writer you’ll ever meet. Huge thumbs up! And did I mention that she’s hilarious too. – Randy Becker, NexTV Entertainment

Let’s take a meeting over a cup of English Breakfast tea with foamy soy milk!