Hey there, I’m Joanne!

Are you in search of captivating stories that leap off the page and onto the screen? Look no further. 

I’m a multi-award winning Australian-American screenwriter, producer and published author. Born in the groovy 70’s and raised in the vibrant 80’s, with a knack for writing underdog and outsider characters across multiple genres.

I was honored to receive the prestigious Best Feature Screenplay Finalist Award from The Golden Script Competition for ‘Sex, Drugs & Crow’s Feet.’ Alongside that, my short film scripts, ‘Be Careful What You Ask For’, ‘The Magic Mirror,’ and ‘Hypnagogia’ achieved acclaim, earning spots on The Red List on Coverfly.

With years of experience, I’ve developed a diverse portfolio of scripts, each brimming with potential to captivate viewers worldwide.

But here’s the cherry on top: many of my scripts have taken on new life as gripping novellas and short stories, adding layers of depth to the storytelling experience across different mediums.

Whether you’re a producer seeking fresh, original content or a director in pursuit of the next cinematic gem, I invite you to explore my portfolio here.

Let’s collaborate!