Hey there, I’m Joanne!

I’m a multi-award winning Australian-American screenwriter, producer and published author, with a knack for crafting compelling stories. Born in the groovy 70’s and raised in the vibrant 80’s, my passion lies in writing underdog and outsider characters across the captivating genres of Comedy, Thriller, Horror, and Fantasy.

I was honored to receive the prestigious Best Feature Screenplay Finalist Award from The Golden Script Competition for ‘Sex, Drugs & Crow’s Feet.’ Alongside that, my short film scripts, ‘Be Careful What You Ask For’ and ‘The Magic Mirror,’ achieved acclaim, earning spots on The Red List on Coverfly. And to top it off, I’m the proud author of the beloved children’s book series starring Tommy Tofu.

Beyond the world of storytelling, I’m a dedicated animal advocate who has been a Vegan since 1994.

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