3D Animation Book Trailer for Tommy Tofu series 
It has been an absolute delight collaborating with Joanne. She exudes warmth, understanding, and trust, making every interaction a joy. Thank you for the opportunity to work together.
Youssef – 3D Animation
Screenplay: Selling Your Soul
It works well that there is a conglomeration of horror building up in the story. Like the trouble with the mirror, the straw doll, and the noises heard from the shower. All of these work in building up to a terrifying climax.
Reader – Screen Craft Horror Competition (2024)

Screenplay: Sex, Drugs & Crow’s Feet (aka “Life of Groupies”)

Heartwarming and nostalgic journey that strikes a chord with anyone who loved heavy metal, holds on to deferred dreams, or misses some of the cherished friendships from their youth. Captures the essence and fun of rekindled female camaraderie and the positive aspects of diving into a midlife crisis. The charming quartet has echoes of the SEX AND THE CITY and GIRLS TRIP films as well as THE BANGER SISTERS.

Slamdance Screenplay Competition, Submissions Team

Screenplay: Sex, Drugs & Crow’s Feet

This script makes for an enjoyable read in its current state and it could comfortably get made on a medium-sized budget, down the line.

The Blacklist, Evaluation

Screenplay: Selling Your Soul

I must say, it left a lasting impression on me. The story you’ve crafted is gripping, suspenseful, and filled with intriguing characters that instantly capture the audience’s attention. The unique blend of genres, combining elements of horror, mystery, and music, makes it a captivating and marketable project. It offers a fresh take on the genre and has the potential to appeal to a wide audience, drawing fans of supernatural thrillers and music enthusiasts alike.

Screenplay: You Had Me At Aloha

You Had Me At Aloha explores relatable themes such as relationship struggles, personal growth, and self-discovery, which can resonate with a wide audience. The protagonist’s journey of overcoming writer’s block and rediscovering her passion adds an element of inspiration and empowerment. Additionally, the story incorporates elements of comedy, romance, and drama, creating a multi-genre appeal that can attract a diverse range of viewers.

Film Producer, Adam Engelhard Harris (Buffalo 8 Productions)

Screenplay: Sex, Drugs & Crow’s Feet aka “Life of Groupies”

It gave me some laughs for sure.

Actor / Director, Kelli Williams

Screenplay: Sex, Drugs & Crow’s Feet aka “Life of Groupies”

Funny and heartfelt. Joanne Rose did a fantastic job! I eagerly await seeing the film when it comes out. 

Writer/Director, Adam Rifkin (“Detroit Rock City”)

Screenplay: Sex, Drugs & Crow’s Feet aka “Life of Groupies”

This is a feel-good and uplifting story that takes us on a roller coaster of a journey that’s both poignant and very funny. There are so many highlights to this story, not least the laugh-out-loud scenes where Kate is tripping, having been dosed by Tara. Great characters, dialogue, plot and final payoff. A great upbeat read. 

Reader, Screen Craft Feature Competition


Screenplay: Sex, Drugs & Crow’s Feet aka “Life of Groupies”

The characters are the strength of the script. Kate is a well-developed protagonist. She is simultaneously self-assured and self-conscious. This dichotomy makes her easily identifiable.

Reader, The Golden Script Competition


Screenplay: The Christmas Blogger

Throw on your sweaters and fuzzy socks, curl up by the fire with some hot chocolate, and get ready for some Christmas fun, because that’s exactly what you are getting with The Christmas Blogger. It is nearly impossible, I would imagine, to be in a bad mood after watching or reading this film. It is filled with Christmas cheer and fun characters, all who interact to form a serviceable story that will make you feel as warm on the inside as that hot chocolate does. If this movie was intending on tugging on your heart strings, it succeeds.

Reader #9328

Screenplay: The Christmas Blogger

The Christmas Blogger is such a fun film with color and heart. This is a well written script by a talented writer with a strong voice and a knack for comedy. Overall the story is witty and entertaining and was an enjoyable read!

Script Analyst SW71 

Screenplay: The Christmas Blogger

I also absolutely love the tone of this script. It flows like butter and is really well constructed. The world is engrossing and tightly woven. The script almost feels something like a warm and delicious cupcake. Conceptually it’s also almost a revamp of the classic, “You’ve Got Mail,” which is great. I like having a villain/protagonist love story unfold. I also appreciate the theme of the big “corporation” taking over the working man. Great work with concept. 

Script Analyst MP47

Screenplay: You Had Me At Aloha

As I read this script, I saw Tina Fey in the role of Diane. But at the same time, I also saw Sandra Bullock taking on the role with a good deal more edge, but still with the disgruntled and confused ethos that defines Diane. This is a testament to the different kinds of comedy that emerge in this script.

Script Analyst KAP14 

Screenplay: You Had Me At Aloha

You Had Me At Aloha offers an enjoyable and lighthearted story. This script does a great job in taking the unique setting of Hawaii and using Diane’s adventure as a way to explore it’s different aspects. The pages effectively implement the setting. This in itself generates some intriguing mysticism, that aids the romance, which is another effective part of the script. 

Script Analyst KJL6 

Screenplay: Sex, Drugs & Crow’s Feet aka “Life of Groupies”

There’s a frequently energized, chaotic nature to your writing, even in quieter scenes – as you understand how to use humor to keep content feeling layered and entertaining. The way you’ve written musical performances becomes the stand out element of your project by script’s end. Your passion for music and the process of “making it” is most clearly presented during these scenes, and you give each performer their own sense of personality and style. In doing so, the reader feels excited and ready-to-go each time a new music-centric scene begins playing out.

Your comedic voice becomes the stand-out element of your concept. You’ve littered a lot of memorable one-liners and comedic beats into the dialogue of minor characters, giving the script a more lively nature in doing so. In making your comedic voice feel fleshed out and prominent, this became another highly useful element of your writing.

Script Analyst ZZ44 

Screenplay: Sex, Drugs & Crow’s Feet aka “Life of Groupies”

You introduce an often-playful, tongue-in-cheek nature into the storytelling that feels fresh and engaging. You have a charming outlook on age and friendship, and these qualities are almost always presented in a genuine, comedic fashion. There’s an almost punk rock aggression to the way you handle exaggerated moments of comedic rebellion – and the main characters’ ages make these acts that much more engaging. 

Script Analyst ZZ44 

Screenplay: The Christmas Blogger

Cute and well written. I really see this as a TV movie.

Brian J. Goldberg, Talent Agent at WPA 

I’ve read ‘You had Me At Aloha’; it’s sweet and a lot of fun.

Melissa MacIntosh, Casting Director

Screenplay: You Had Me At Aloha

What a delightful script! 

Peter Rasmussen, Casting Director 

Screenplay: You Had Me At Aloha

Congratulations in such a great script. I love your dialogue. You have a great rhythm.

Greg Apps, Casting Director & Producer 

RikkiRockett tattoo

The Vegan 101 series finally puts to rest the whole tree hugger, too serious for their own good archetype. Joanne is funny, intelligent, attractive and above all, committed to her venture. Bravo! 

Rikki Rockett, Musician


Whether you’re as voracious as a velociraptor or as gentle as a lamb, DO NOT miss out on the very funny new web-series “Vegan 101”. It’s an ultra-modern, sassy, & smart examination of the old chestnut “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. Consider me a BIG FAN!”

Jane Wiedlin, Musician


Joanne is a highly talented and capable media creator. Her writing and producing skills are of the highest order. Her accomplishments and many awards are thoroughly deserved! I am your biggest fan!

Tim Ferguson, Producer/Writer Mondayitis P/L


Joanne Rose is the hardest working actress/comedian/writer you’ll ever meet. Huge thumbs up! And did I mention that she’s hilarious too…sort of helps with places like Comedy Central! Joanne is an inspiration to all in our coaching program. When some clients struggle to connect with 2 companies, producers, execs, agents per week, Joanne is reaching out to 16-20…PER DAY. That’s how you do it people! 

Randy Becker, NexTV Entertainment


It’s our sincere privilege to have the opportunity to collaborate musically along with our client Steven Adler (former drummer of Guns N’ Roses), for the Sex and the Single Vegan project. We, along with Steven, are animal advocates and look forward to a continued relationship in the pursuit and awareness of animal causes. We look forward to working on future endeavors with Joanne, to bring great talent and music to great shows.

Rob Adams, Agent – Rawkn Music, a music placement division of Rawkn Management


Joanne Rose is one the most talented, funny and conscious people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is a true professional artist through and through and has a style all her own. It’s no wonder why she is a multi-award winning series producer and actress.  

Kevin Carr, Emmy-Award Winning Technical Director for ABC’s General Hospital 


Sketch Comedy web series: Vegan 101

I saw your series at LAWEBFEST last year and absolutely loved it.

Steinar Ellingsen, Director, Melbourne WebFest 

TV pilot script: Life of Groupies

I love it! Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!! It’s Darling!!!!!! It’s Genius. xoxo

Tanna Frederick, Actress 

TV pilot script: Sex and the Single Vegan

I found the project very reminiscent to HBO’s Girls, in the way that it utilizes a very slice-of-life approach. Your pilot definitely has an original voice and potential for an interesting series.

Image Movers 

TV pilot script: Sex and the Single Vegan

It is really funny, I love the food innuendoes.

Kelly Hayes, Walt Becker Productions 

Is it just me or is Joanne Rose basically the P. Diddy of vegan media?

Patt Miller, Tubefilter


TV pilot script: Sex and the Single Vegan

Hmmm… blogs, dating, men?!? This almost sounds like a Sex and the City WITHOUT the meat!! LOLz. The sitcom does seem enthralling, especially after we watched the pitch.

Perez Hilton 

TV pilot script: Sex and the Single Vegan

I like the show concept, I really think you have something here!

Richard Lowry, Film Editor 


Joanne Rose is saucy, smart, funny and brave… Vegan comedy? Yes … Joanne’s characters are the antithesis of the dour, ‘way to intense image’ that has stuck to them over the years…

Marie Oser, Executive Producer, Veg TV


 I love your creative spirit. Refreshing.

Cisco Henson, Head of Production, New Wave Entertainment

Sizzle Reel for TV Pilot: Sex and the Single Vegan

Can hardly wait to see the whole episode! It both looks and sounds great and, of course, the acting is super and really funny. Brennan said that you are nuts, which is a compliment!!!

Andra Willis Muhoberac, Singer 


Sketch Comedy web series: Vegan 101

Just love the show!

James Grant Hay, Red Lever 

Screenplay: Sex, Drugs & Crow’s Feet aka “Life of Groupies”

I can see this turn into an American Pie, National Lampoons Vacation, franchise kind of thing. The potential for sequels is already written on the wall.

Daniel Bucci, Director 

TV pilot script: Life of Groupies

I think your on a hot topic regarding women genre and how things are changing though. Your writing is good, funny, current.

Dominick Tardive, Literary Agent – Career Artists 


You have produced/written some great work. I remember seeing a couple of episodes of “Vegan 101” on YouTube. Very funny.

Mark Price (Vegie Bar, Melbourne Australia)